Torque Lite Vs Torque Pro : Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) vs. Torque Lite (OBD2 & Car)

Torque Lite Vs Torque Pro: When phones are getting smarter cars are now featured with more advanced technology. Now smartphones are not only being used for text or calls. Apart from these primary functions, there are many activities that one can control with a smartphone. Here we come with specific applications like Torque Pro and Torque Lite those can communicate with cars brain, the ECU. At present moment, these two apps are available for Android user only and can be installed from Google Play Store.

Torque Lite Vs Torque Pro

These apps can be used to know a car’s performance and for that purpose, one need not use any extra hardware except an Android smartphone. These apps can use a barometer, GPS antenna, the compass of the phone to analyze as well as display 0-60kmph and 0-100kmph figures. Well, this article is about Torque Lite Vs. Torque Pro.

Torque Lite Vs Torque Pro

Torque’s best feature is its ability to diagnosis the car’s ECU. To enable this feature, you need a Bluetooth OBD II  compliant scanning tool. Few car accessory stores keep this device with them whereas it is readily available online. But before purchasing it, you make sure that your car is OBD II compliant.

Torque Lite Vs Torque Pro

In many cars, the OBD cars feature either below the steering wheel or in the glove box. So you have to connect the Bluetooth scanner simply into this port to run the engine.

 Compare Torque Pro And Torque Lite

Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) is an Android application and is developed by Ian Hawkins. Under the category Communication, it is listed out. The record from Google Play Store shows 1,000,000 Torque Pro installation. When it comes to user’s rating Torque, Pro got a rating of 50,795 and average rating of 4.498. The graph shows its current grade of 0.71 percent and 1.2 percent. Concerning some ratings, Torque Pro’s  ( OBD 2 & Car) market position is #8136.

Torque Lite Vs Torque Pro

Whereas Torque Lite ( OBD2 & Car ) is also an Android application developed by Ian Hawkins. Torque Lite also listed under Communication. Like Torque Pro, Torque Lite has 5,000,000 installations according to Google Play. It current rating is 30,075 whereas average rating value is 3.958. Well, Torque Lite’s  ( OBD2 & Car) current market position is #12445 according to its rating.

Features Of Torque

  • It is featured with dynamometer and Horsepower.
  • Transmission temperature can also be read.
  • You can also make a video of your journey using its Track Recorder plugin with onscreen OBDII data overlay.
  • If suppose you are going on a road trip,  GPS tagged tweets are possible automatically.
  • You can change the look of your dashboard using its theme support features.
  • For excel/open office reader analysis it sends logging information to web or email.
  • To make night driving easier, it is featured in Heads up display or HUD mode.
  • It also has a compass that is free from magnetic interference.
  • Vehicles have turbo boost features that support MAF  as well as MAP sensors.
  • Car dock support is also present.


The demo version of Torque Pro is free whereas its Pro version with some additional features is available at RS 250 on  Google PlayStore. If you love your car a lot and always want to keep an eye on it, then Torque is a must buy an app. The only thing that you need to use this app is a Bluetooth OBD II scanner along with an Android phone.

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