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Torque Lite App: Some people really want to know the inner functionality of the car, right? Here is good news for them. Torque Lite App is one of the best application to get the information and much more about the vehicle. It also has many versions like Torque Pro, Torque OBD 2 Car, and many more. So, why are you waiting? Read the complete details from our web page.

Torque Lite App

Torque Lite has many features like gauges, map view, fault codes, engine mapping, and lots of features. And dashboard of your car has a speedometer, Tachometer, and fuel gauge. And apparently, you need to connect to your vehicles OBD II Port. Without that connection, you were unable to know the essential functionalities of a car. Use any Bluetooth device and compare it to OBD Port for full functionality details.

Torque Lite App

Torque Lite available for Android devices. Now it is supported by iOS devices, and Windows platforms too. The Other version called Torque Lite OBD 2 and Car is one of the versions of Torque. Torque Pro is another premium paid version with some extra features.

Torque Lite App

Some of us dont understand the inner auto-functionality also sometimes. For that reason, after 2000 many cars come with ODB II Port which helps to you found more its functions.

Features of Torque Lite App

Everyone who drives the car more excited to know some more info about the car. The following features of an app called Torque Lite help you in a better way.

  • The best features are Real-information, Fault codes, Map view
  • You can have alarms and timings.
  • It provides the mileage information.
  • And contains the fault code database.
  • It contains many gauges which give you engine mapping, fuel tracking, and more.
  • Also, able to change the gauge themes.
  • Even you can share the screenshots with your friends.
  • Engine speed data provides by this application.
  • And much more benefits.

Installation Guide for Torque Lite App

People who are planning to download the Torque Lite, follow the instruction and enjoy the features. You have the three main things to check the functionality of cars.

  • Android Phone
  • Torque Lite Application
  • Bluetooth device

Then you have to do the following steps.

  • Open Google Play Store and search for the Torque Lite App.
  • Click on install and wait until the installation completes.
  • Then go to your phone’s Settings page.

Torque Lite App

  • And then go to wireless networks->click on Bluetooth.
  • Scan for the new devices and pair up with OBD device.

Torque Lite App

  • Now open the torque app, and it will show you connected to ECU ok.
  • Then open the gear icon on the menu.
  • Select Fault Codes.

Torque Lite App

  • And then Select Show Logged Faults.
  • It will display some fault code on your screen.
  • Select the fault code and search on the web.
  • Then quit the app.

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